Ethical and legal commitment

CSP Spain is a responsible group and complies with all legal and ethical standards. All of its activities are encompassed within a framework of ethical governance based on a code of ethics, socially responsible corporate policies and compliance with the legal framework in force.

We have a complaint mailbox, whose purpose is to transmit any issues and to denounce irregularities, breaches and behaviours contrary to ethics and legality.

By legal imperative of the Spanish Data Protection Agency, complaints cannot be anonymous and must describe the events and the date on which they occurred. Contact information must also be provided (email address, phone number, etc.)

Complaints can be made to the email address:

If you make your claim or complaint in a letter, please send it to this postal address:

- COSCO SHIPPING Ports (Spain) Terminals, S.L.U..

- Internal Criminal Prevention Committee

- C/Menorca, 19

- 46023 Valencia

After we receive your letter, the analysis and processing of the pertinent complaint will be started in a period no longer than three months and the claimant will be notified of the processing and procedure followed.

Thank you for your assistance.