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CSP Iberian Bilbao Terminal, 01 February 2023

Ellerman incorporates the Port of Bilbao into its transatlantic service between northern Spain and the US.

• The service is promoted by the Ellerman company and Bilbao is the only Spanish port that is part of the transatlantic service.

• This is a weekly express service that reduces transit times to a maximum of 18 days from port to port in direct connection Bilbao - New York.

• With ships with a capacity greater than 3,000 teus, highlighting the SC MARA ship, which exceeds 5,000 teus

Bilbao, January 31

Ellerman City Liners bets on the port of Bilbao by adding it to its USX – United States Express service.

The inclusion will be effective in mid-February with an inaugural act in which all the agents involved will participate. This is a milestone for both the shipping company and the port of Biscay,  since it will be the first dock to receive direct ships from the United States.

In recent years, trade relations between the north of Spain and the east coast of the North American continent have been strengthened in a very notable way, confirming a very stable annual growth level of traffic. It is for this reason that the shipping company has taken advantage of this market opportunity to launch this competitive offer. Its most notable characteristic is the reduction in transit times thanks to the elimination of transhipments, which means a transit of 15 days for imports and 18 days for exports on the connections between Bilbao and New York.

The USX was inaugurated last December and after a month of operations Bilbao has been included in the ports of New York, Wilmington, Jacksonville, Tilbury, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg. The update of the service demonstrates the company's commitment to provide its customers with the most competitive offer possible and to comply with market conditions and their demands.

From the perspective of the CSP Iberian Bilbao Terminal, the introduction of the port in this direct service is an opportunity to position itself as a strategic terminal in the transatlantic connection. The American continent stands out as the main destination for container traffic, after regular services with Northern Europe, which makes it the main non-EU partner of the Basque Country. This service offers interested companies the opportunity to connect with their two key market areas in the same service.

The operation is covered by the ships "SC Mara" and "Mona Lisa" that exceed 3,500 TEUs of capacity. It is expected that the container ships, "Cape Hellas", "Windswept" and "Buxfavourite", will reinforce the service soon. The weekly call and the service vessels guarantee a regular call without loss of turnover for shippers.