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CSP Iberian Valencia Terminal, 21 June 2019

Valenciaport concludes the work of moving the access doors to the CSP Iberian Valencia Terminal


  • This work has been carried out in an accompanied way to guarantee the flow of traffic to the terminal.

  • The transfer of the access doors to the terminal is part of the project to extend the tracks at the Prince Felipe Pier to accommodate 750 meters long trains.

València, June 21, 2019.- The Port Authority of Valencia (APV) has completed the transfer of the access doors to the CSP Iberian Valencia Terminal (member of the CSP Spain group), located at the Prince Felipe Pier. Since yesterday, land carriers can only access the terminal using the new access enabled for them. Access transfer works have been carried out in conjunction with the usual work carried out by the terminal in order to guarantee the flow of traffic to the terminal.

The new doors, 8 entry and 5 exit, have an OCR system, which automatically records the truck and cargo data. This process, which crosses the information collected with the data previously received from valenciaportpcs, speeds up the management and attention of land traffic in the terminal. When the truck arrives at the automatic door and is positioned on the scale, the driver must only pass the barcode through the reader or enter the access code that has been provided on the kiosk touch screen.

The work, which was awarded in October 2019 for an amount of 1,992,000 euros, will be completely completed during the month of July. This project is framed within the works to prolong the tracks in the Prince Felipe Pier that will accommodate 750 meters long trains. It is also planned to provide the infrastructure with a third lane to allow the entry of European wide trains.

The project for the extension of the tracks was broken into four parts: the transfer of the doors, the construction of a road access to the new doors, the replacement of 50,000 m2 of pavement that were occupied to the terminal (currently in the process of construction by CSPV) and, finally, the actual railway works that are planned to be tendered shortly and whose execution period will be 15 months. Thus, it is expected that at the end of 2020, the Prince Felipe Pier can accommodate trains up to 750 meters in length, both in Iberian and European gauge.